Products & Platforms

Driving Innovation at Scale

Conversation 360

Library of AI-powered chatbots, tools and frameworks designed to build enterprise chatbots with rich conversational experiences.

Data 360

Collection of curated datasets designed for analytics and data science initiatives. Access data via APIs and ODBC without moving it.

Analytics 360

AI/ML-powered analytics providing deep insights into various aspects of automotive manufacturing and retail industries.

Data Engineering

Helping enterprises efficiently collect, store, process, and manage data through the entire life cycle keeping costs under control.


Analytics for all - enabling organizations to build smarter products, understand customers better and predict the future.

Data Science & AI

Helping enterprises to effectively apply data science techniques and infuse AI into their products and services to drive innovation.


RPA services infusing automation and intelligence, enabling enterprises to increase overall efficiency and control costs effectively.


Virtual data academy for individuals, teams, and organizations. Align your skill set transformation with your digital transformation.


We partner with some of the world’s leading technology providers to produce extraordinary results and value to our customers.

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