Paying attention to what is happening in the automation sector is crucial for growth-focused business owners. Entrepreneurs and developers are launching a variety of innovative automation resources for business owners who want to maximize productivity. With global spending on BPA (business process automation) expected to exceed 12 billion dollars by 2021, it is essential for today’s business owners to know the automation options they have at their disposal ( If you want a peek at the future of business productivity, check out the following up-and-coming automation trends.Expect to see increasing activity in the industrial internet of things automation sector. As more devices become internet-enabled, startups within the IoT sector will continue to develop software solutions to maximize the efficiency of these connected devices. Be on the lookout for industrial IoT automation of everything from warehouse robots to smart buildings.There is growing interest in the automation of human resources activities like candidate profiling and resume reviewing. Be prepared for continued innovation in this sector as companies look to streamline as many of their talent acquisition duties as possible. Human resources management can be extremely time-consuming for today’s business owners. When they can automate repetitive tasks like candidate screening, watch for startup companies to develop solutions to meet the demand.The chatbot revolution is just getting started. Everyone from bloggers to international corporations are utilizing chatbots for real-time conversations with their audiences. Expect to see increased development of AI-enabled chatbots for marketing automation as artificial intelligence APIs become more fine-tuned and affordable for everyday use.Automation technology for sales departments will continue to grow in popularity as accounting teams look to automate repetitive and costly sales activities like lead generation and follow-up. As software technology allows businesses to automate processes once conducted by sales personnel, expect to see a growing shift towards AI-enabled sales automation processes.Voice-enabled automation is likely to be one of the hottest areas in the automation sector. Tools like Amazon’s Alexa are already being integrated into home and business atmospheres with increasing frequency. As individuals become accustomed to voice-activated computing, this new audio interface will make its way into the automation sector. Think voice-enabled customer service automation, voice-enabled smart building automation, and voice-enabled robots programmed to automatically complete business tasks.These five trends are just some of the automation advances business owners should have on their radar. The more a business owner knows about the future of automation, the better prepared they are to put these up-and-coming automation trends to work for their company’s benefit.

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