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Let chatbots deal with traffic spikes and communication

Power outages, service disruptions are all part of managing energy operations that supply a community’s endless need for power. In times of crisis, change, maintenance, how you run personalized communications on a mass scale is what can make the difference between profit and loss, happy customers and angry consumers. Our chatbots are designed to help with personalized, specific case management on a massive scale, helping you eliminate the need for scaling up and down your back office workforce based on peaks and valleys in demand. With this consistency comes predictability, because each interaction is also recorded and analyzed by AI to provide an even better experience the next time. So whether it’s routine inquiries or crisis communications, an effective chatbot deployment can help you be much more profitable.

Better Data Points = Greater Reliability

Build a more reliable, stable system by tracking better and more data. Supplying energy is a complicated operation, involving millions of data points. Knowing what’s happening where is critical, but knowing what will happen and where can take your business to the next level. Our team of experts combine data experience and domain expertise to create systems that are automated and intelligent to help you scale your business better. And that means a more reliable network of happy consumers.

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