Robotics Process Automation

Create a "Digital Workforce", to Boost Efficiency & Control Costs.

Information technology (IT) has historically enabled enterprises to improve efficiency and control costs through business process automation – by replacing existing business processes with more efficient, faster, and less expensive alternatives. The latest and next generation approach is RPA (Robotics Process Automation). RPA enables enterprises to automate processes more cost-effectively and reduce time-to-market.

We help enterprises infuse intelligent-automation across business and IT processes – enabling enterprises to increase overall efficiency and control costs more effectively.

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Popular RPA Solutions

Use unattended bots to automate manual tasks such as invoice processing, data collection, managing purchase orders, calculating payroll cost, and more.

Improve customer experience by automating customer support activities including processing faster refunds, price comparison, updating customer information, intelligent chatbots and interactive voice responses, and more.

Improve efficency by automating structured data extraction from unstructured content, across variety of sources & document formats.

Dataflix specializes in enabling rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back office administrative processes – all while reducing costs and improving accuracy by creating a ‘digital workforce’.

Why Automate with RPA?

  • Increased Speed, Agility, and Flexibility
  • Drive Operational Performance
  • Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction

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