Dataflix Messenger

Web-based Chat App | Chatbots on Websites

Dataflix Messenger is a chat app designed for humans to interact with chatbots built on platforms like Google Dialogflow. Businesses can integrate chatbots into websites and web applications using DM, delivering rich conversational experiences.

Key Features


Deliver great conversational experience with rich UI and chat widgets

Quick Replies

Buttons in-conversation delivering a guided conversation

Dynamic Welcome Messages

Welcome messages straight from the platforms, change anytime with-out coding

Your Own Brand

Add your brand identity and color customizing the Messenger to make it your own

Explore Conversation 360

Pre-built Chatbots

Prebuilt chatbots for multiple functions including pre-sales, sales, customer support, service desk, and more.

Dataflix Messenger

Web based chat app for websites and portals, Dataflix Messenger can be configured to work with any chatbot.


Integrations with content management systems & CRM platforms including SharePoint, WordPress, and more.

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