Dataflix Messenger

Web-based Chat App | Chatbots on Websites

Dataflix Messenger (DM) is a light weight web-based chat app for chatbots designed to easily integrate with websites, portals, CMS, and more. DM can be configured to work with chatbots built on Google Dialogflow & other platforms.

Key Features

  • Light weight web-based
  • Integrations – websites, apps, portals
  • Fully hosted, server less architecture
  • Two step configuration with Google Dialogflow
  • Custom welcome message
  • Re-brand as needed

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Pre-built Chatbots

Prebuilt chatbots for multiple functions including pre-sales, sales, customer support, service desk, and more.

Dataflix Messenger

Web based chat app for websites and portals, Dataflix Messenger can be configured to work with any chatbot.


Integrations with content management systems, CRM platforms and databases including SharePoint, WordPress, and more.

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