Dataflix Messenger

Rich Conversational UI for Dialogflow Agents

Dataflix Messenger (“Messenger”) is a rich conversational UI for agents / bots built on Google Dialogflow. Seamlessly integrate Dialogflow agents into web & mobile apps delivering rich conversational experience. Messenger is built on Google Cloud (GCP) and tightly integrates with Dialogflow. All conversations through Messenger are secured with multi-layer security and encryption.

Key Features


Seamless omnichannel experience across all text-channels, websites and mobile apps.

Rich Experience

Rich conversational experience with images, cards, buttons, HTML and iframe support.

Guided Conversation

Build conversation flows to meet a business objectives while minimizing human errors.


Secured using SSL (TLS >= v1.2), and adhering to the OAuth 2.0 specification. Encryption by default.

Serverless Architecture

Server less architecture. No coding required. Works on-prem or in the cloud.

Your Own Brand

Add your brand identity and color, customizing the Messenger to make it your own.

On Google Cloud, for Google Cloud

A complete server less architecture, built on Google Cloud, for Google Dialogflow. Messenger can be deployed in your GCP organization or in your data center.

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