Dataflix Messenger

Rich Conversational UI for Dialogflow Agents

Dataflix Messenger (“Messenger”) is a rich conversational UI (user interface) for agents / bots built on Dialogflow. Seamlessly integrate Dialogflow agents into web & mobile apps delivering rich conversational experience. Messenger is built on Google Cloud (GCP) and tightly integrates with Dialogflow. All conversations through Messenger are secured with multi-layer security and encryption.

Key Features


Deliver engaging conversational experience with rich UI and chat widgets, across all devices and apps.

Rich Messages

Enable replies with buttons, images and cards. Lead conversations to products, websites or carts.

Quick Replies

Guided conversation flow with buttons in-conversation. Minimize typos and human errors.

Modern Architecture

Server less architecture. No coding required. Works on-prem or in the cloud.

Enterprise Ready

Optimized for performance, scalability, security and compliance for the regulated industries.

Your Own Brand

Add your brand identity and color, customizing the Messenger to make it your own.

Google Dialogflow + Dataflix Messenger

Integrate Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) chatbots with websites and apps using Dataflix Messenger delivering rich conversational experiences.


Messenger for Dialogflow – Pricing

Enterprise Essentials

$100 / bot / month

All features
Unlimited websites integrations
Unlimited conversations
Standard security
Standard support – Email – 1 Business day

Enterprise Plus

Contact us

All features
Unlimited websites integration
Unlimited conversations
Rebranding & advanced customizations
Advanced security
Custom support model

Explore Conversation 360

Pre-built Chatbots

Prebuilt chatbots for multiple functions including pre-sales, sales, customer support, service desk, and more.

Dataflix Messenger

Web based chat app for websites and portals, Dataflix Messenger can be configured to work with any chatbot.


Integrations with content management systems & CRM platforms including SharePoint, WordPress, and more.

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