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What are the accepted payment options?

Dataflix Academy currently supports PayPal and Stripe through https://academy.dataflix.com. Note that you do not need a PayPal / Stripe account to make the payment, payments can be processed as a guest.

Can payment be made for multiple students?

Yes, payment can be made for multiple students. Please email us at academy@dataflix.com for more details.

How can I get a certificate?

Every learner gets a “Certificate of Completion” from Dataflix Academy for all completed courses. Once the course is completed, navigate to “Achievements and Progress” above the course content, and click on “Get your Certificate”. All generated certificates are accessible at “My Account > Certificates”.

How can I start a discussion?

Open the respective enrolled course and click on “Discussion”, above the course content on the left navigation bar to open a discussion.

Are courses available for life time?

Learners will have life-time access and updates to all courses enrolled under “Starter” plan (Pay-per-Course).  All “Pro” (subscription) learners will have access to courses and get updates when ever they are available as long the subscription is active.

Are there any contracts for Pro plan?

Absolutely NO. Pro plan is monthly subscription, and can be terminated anytime.

Is trial available for Messenger?

Yes, 14-day trial. Register at https://www.dataflix.com/messenger/trial.

Can Messenger integrate with WordPress?

Yes, Messenger can be integrated into any website using iframe. Messenger can also be integrated into header or footer of a WordPress site using multiple plug-ins. Example: Insert Headers and Footers.

Can Messenger be hosted on-prem?

Messenger is currently offered as a “Service”. Reach our support team for more information on on-prem deployment.

How to access Data 360?

Datasets that are part of Data 360 can be accessed from GCP marketplace.

Is Data 360 free to use?

Yes, datasets part of Data 360 are free to use. And will remain free.

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