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Better Analytics, Better Outcomes.

Data is an asset only when used.

With robust analytics methodologies, organizations can extract actionable insights. See and predict anything – from customer interactions to financial transactions. Harnessing the power of data enables organizations to build smarter products, understand customers better, spot fraud, and predict the future.

This intel requires a broad array of technology, skill set, and thought leadership – that’s Dataflix. Our team specializes in helping organizations extract actionable insights and develop better predictions for a strong data foundation. We harness the power of information to optimize business performance and commercialize data opportunities.

Key Partners

Explore dashboards – Looker, Power BI and MicroStrategy

Services & Capabilities

Enterprise Analytics

Our Enterprise analytics services enable organizations of all sizes to create a digitally connected environment by providing actionable intelligence to decision-makers. We specialize in building analytics solutions of all types – Enterprise reporting, information management portals, web and mobile apps, and more.

Advanced Analytics

By leveraging advanced techniques like machine learning, we can help organizations solve complex problems and uncover new opportunities through predictive analytics. Our objective is to go beyond understanding the past to actually predict future outcomes. This technology is harnessed to solve common cases – optimizing marketing campaigns, reducing risk, improving operations, and detecting fraud.

Self-Serve Analytics

Enable business users to quickly develop reports and analyze data without IT dependency – while keeping data access and governance under control. We specialize in building self-serve platforms for organizations of all sizes, leveraging open-source platforms and/or standard products like MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Power BI, and more.

Strategic Services

EDW managed services
Analytics tool migrations
Analytics strategy & roadmap

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