Key Features


Seamless omnichannel experience across all  text channels, websites and mobile apps.

Guided Conversation

Build conversation flows to meet a business
objectives while minimizing human errors.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture. No coding required. Works on-preen or in the cloud.

Your Own Brand

Add your brand identity and color, customizing    the Messenger to make it your own.

Conversation Analytics provides actionable insights into human-to-bot interactions. Objective is to analyze conversations – and re-train the bots to increase bot adoption rate driving the real value & ROI from chat & voice bots. The platform is built on conversation logs with advanced ML & NLP techniques to drive deeper analysis, covering wide range of metrics including sessions, user engagement rate, confidence levels, user sentiment analysis, failed conversations and many more.

Google cloud logo

Google Dialogflow + Dataflix Messenger

Integrate Dialogflow (formerly APLAI) chatbots with websites and apps using Dataflix
Messenger delivering rich conversational experiences.

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