Conversation 360

Improve Customer Engagement with Conversational AI

Conversation 360 (C360) is a library of AI-powered chatbot agents, tools and frameworks designed to build enterprise productivity bots at scale, with natural and rich conversational experiences. C360 will help in jump starting chabot initiatives and with faster time to market.

Conversation 360 provides users new ways to interact with information & knowledge through engaging voice & chat interfaces like Dataflix Messenger, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, websites, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and other popular platforms and devices. C360 supports wide range of chatbots including customer support, sales assistant, IT help desk, HR, and more.

Pre-built Chatbots

Prebuilt chatbots for multiple functions including pre-sales, sales, customer support, service desk, and more.


Integrations with content management systems, CRM platforms including SharePoint, WordPress, and more.

Discover our pre-sales & sales Chatbots!

Information Access

Make information accessible to everyone, 24/7, across all popular messaging platforms.


Improve leads qualifications and provide actionable information to sales teams.

Conversion & Scale

Improve conversion rates up to 60%. Scale seamlessly with no additional investment.

Unified Experience

Deliver rich, informative, and consistent conversational experiences across all apps and platforms.

The platform is designed to increase conversion rates and deliver rich conversational experiences to potential customers across websites and apps. The pre-sales & sales digital assistant provides a powerful lineup of dynamic intelligence for potential customers when making buying decisions, including: product details, models, pricing, financing options, offers, appointments, nearest retail locations, product availability, and much more.

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