The Challenge

SGP Healthcare leverages telephony system as the primary communication channel to engage patients at various levels – new appointments, general information, billing queries, insurance questions, and more. This approach is becoming human intense, driving up operational costs. Wait times and limited hours are also impacting patient engagement.

The Solution

Google Cloud + ConverX Messenger

SGP Virtual Agent is a patient engagement conversational bot built on Google Dialogflow and ConverX Messenger, designed as a primary channel to engage patients on standard needs like appointments, general enquiries and billing questions. This is a self-serve channel with faster, friendlier, and seamless experience, available 24/7 – making human-like conversation core to patient engagement.

Quick Look


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Platforms Used

Google Cloud
CCAI / Dialogflow
ConverX Messenger

About the Client

SGP Healthcare

SGP is a company that developed cutting-edge medical technologies and clinical methodologies to improve the clinical efficacy by integrating best of both the worlds –modern allopathic system of medicine and the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda.

The Results

Patients are engaged 24/7 with no wait times and better experience, delivering general information in real-time. More information and automation will be driven by the chatbot without much IT investment, this is helping SGP Health Center save clinic personnel’s time and effort, increasing the team’s overall productivity.

Idea-to-live digital assistant in days! A complete server-less architecture with the power of Google Cloud, and seamless integration of Dialogflow agent into the primary website using ConverX Messenger accelerated time-to-market.

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