The Challenge

Customer service teams at Hyundai receive thousands of calls each month. This required a substantial amount of duplicated effort, with slower response times as agents worked through the queue of callers. The goal is to deflect calls resulting in cost savings, while improving CX loyalty, advocacy & satisfaction with the additional communication channel, 24/7.

The Solution

Google Cloud + Dataflix Messenger

“Hyundai Virtual Agent” is a self-serve conversational interface for Hyundai call center, built on Google Dialogflow and Dataflix Messenger. The AI-powered chatbot is designed to respond to general inquiries including Bluelink and recalls, delivering consistent responses. The new text-based self-serve channel with faster, consistent and seamless experience, available 24/7 with zero wait times.

Quick Look

Platforms Used

Google Cloud
ConverX Messenger

About the Client
Hyundai AutoEver America
Hyundai AutoEver America (HAEA) is an Information Technology services company, serving Hyundai Kia Motor Group affiliates in North America.

The Results

Hyundai Virtual Agent is automating simple tasks by enabling self-serve capabilities. The conversational flows and interface are helping Hyundai’s customers get answers to common questions faster without human intervention, thereby, improving overall customer experience.

Dataflix’s experience on Google Cloud and Conversation AI, coupled with the strategic partnership with HAEA helped to stay outcome-focused. A complete server-less architecture of Dialogflow and Dataflix Messenger accelerated time-to-market.

Project Partner Highlight

Your Trusted Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud + Dataflix

As a Google Cloud Partner, Dataflix was able to deliver a robust solution by combining the power of Dataflix Messenger with Google Dialogflow, we built the Hyundai Virtual Agent.

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