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Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot with Websites

Using Dataflix Messenger

The demand for chat-bots is growing across many functions including customer support, sales, service desk, HR, and more. Google Dialogflow is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to build chat-bots for any use case or industry. Dialogflow is simple to use and provides many out of the box features, including one click integration to many platforms through which chat-bots can be delivered, like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Google Assistant, and more.

If your use case demands delivering the bot through a website, CMS or a web portal, this requires a custom chat app. And that is Dataflix Messenger (DM). DM is a web-based chat app for agents built on Google Dialogflow. DM can be easily integrated into a web page as show below or can be inserted into any website as displayed at the bottom right of this page.

Three simple steps to integrate Dialogflow agent into your website with DM:

  1. Configure “Client access token” and “Developer access token” with DM app.
  2. Generated new build files, host on AWS S3 or GCP Cloud Storage.
  3. Integrate the Java script code in your website.

Key Features

  • Light weight web-based
  • Integrations – websites, apps, portals
  • Fully hosted, server less architecture
  • Simple configuration with Google Dialogflow
  • Custom welcome message
  • Re-brand as needed

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