The need for chatbots is growing across multiple functions and industries. Chatbots deliver variety of benefits to businesses including saving cost, improving customer experience, increasing conversion rate, and providing 24/7 support. Few common chatbot use cases are customer support bots, website sales chatbots, personal assistants, travel agents, help desk assistant and HR assistant.

Google Dialogflow (formerly is one of the best platforms to build bots (a.k.a agents). Dialogflow provides interesting out-of-the-box features like inline editor for fulfillment, one-click integrations, small talk, and more. Chatbots built on Dialogflow can be delivered via multiple communication platforms like Facebook messenger, Telegram, Twilio, Skype, Google Assistant and Kik using one-click integrations provided by Dialogflow. Explore all integrations here:

Use cases that demand integrating Dialogflow chatbots into websites or web applications would require a chat app that seamlessly integrates with Dialogflow. That is Dataflix Messenger (DM), a chat app designed for humans to interact with chatbots built on Google Dialogflow. Businesses can integrate Dialogflow agents (chatbots) into websites and web applications using DM, delivering rich conversational experiences. Key Features

  • Guided conversation with quick replies
  • Seamless integrations – websites, apps, portals
  • Fully hosted, server less architecture
  • Deploy anywhere – cloud or on-prem
  • Two step configuration with Google Dialogflow
  • Easy customization and re-banding

WordPress Integration Dataflix Messenger app can be integrated into WordPress websites using simple Java code that comes with DM, and plugins like “Insert Header and Footer”. Check out the live demo at the bottom of this page (right). Configuring Dataflix Messenger to your Dialogflow agent and integrating chatbot into your website is a simple three step process –

  1. Host DM in the cloud or in your data center. DM can be hosted in any cloud service that allows hosting static websites, including Google Cloud Storage and AWS S3. SSL needs to be enabled to ensure communication between the browser and website is secure and encrypted.
  2. Configure DM to integrate with a Dialogflow agent using Client Access Token and Developer Access Token. Both the tokens are specific to an agent, and can be found under “Settings” tab in the Dialogflow console.
  3. Chatbot can be integrated into any website or web application using Java code / iframe that comes with DM and URL from step 2.

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