As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021 threatening and taking lives around the world, it’s important we work together across businesses, organizations and scientific disciplines to fight this global challenge. Today, we are making our Dataflix COVID Dataset public through Google Cloud Marketplace. We believe this is one the ways we can help fight COVID by providing experts with data needed to better understand and track COVID-19.

The Dataflix COVID dataset is a centralized repository of up-to-date and curated data focused on key tracking metics and U.S. census data – ready for analysis, analytics and machine learning initiatives. Data is sourced from trusted sources like CSSE at Johns Hopkins University and government agencies, covering a wide range of metrics including confirmed cases, new cases, % population, mortality rate and deaths, aggregated at various geographic levels including city, county, state and country. New data is published on daily basis.

Checkout our documentation for data catalog and any other technical details. For new tables or data requests reach us at 

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