Delivering AI-powered chatbots at scale using Dialogflow & Dataflix Messenger.

Santa Clara, CA, November 4, 2019, ​Dataflix Inc​. (“Dataflix”) today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program​ as a Build Partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to integrate Dialogflow agents into web & mobile applications with rich conversational UI.

As a Google Cloud Build Partner, Dataflix offer customers the ability to integrate chatbots built on Dialogflow into any websites and/or mobile applications using Dataflix Messenger (“Messenger”). Some of the key features of Messenger are:

  • Rich Conversational UI – Enable replies with buttons, images and cards. Lead conversations to products, websites or carts.
  • Quick Replies – Guided conversation flow with buttons in-conversation. Minimize typos and human errors.
  • Modern Architecture – Serverless architecture. No coding required. Can be deployed on Google App Engine & Google Cloud Storage in minutes.
  • Enterprise Ready – Optimized for performance, scalability, security and compliance for the regulated industries.
  • Your Own Brand – Add your brand identity and color, customizing the Messenger to make it your own.
Dataflix is excited to be a Build Partner, this partnership will act as a catalyst for Dataflix to deliver AI-powered digital assistants using Dialogflow & Messenger that drive conversations with employees, partners and customers.

“We truly believe conversational bots will enhance customer experience and will reduce the overall customer support operational cost. We are committed in building AI-powered enterprise productivity bots that will deliver continuous value.” – said Dheeraj Nallagatla, Founder, Dataflix.

To learn more about Messenger, please visit To learn more about Dialogflow, please visit

About Dataflix Dataflix is a software company focused on emerging technologies – delivering data, analytics, AI and RPA solutions that drive growth & opportunities. We leverage our industry expertise and cutting-edge products to accelerate delivery, drive innovation and enable digital transformation. With our HQ in Silicon Valley and global delivery center in India, we support customers across all industries.

Check out the public press release here.

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