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IBM watsonx Assistant Journey

Drive, track & measure customer experience with AI-powered Contact Center


Virtual Agents

Chatbots & voice bots with advanced NLP, enabling natural interactions


Contact Center Integrations

Integrate with your existing platforms: Omnichannel, IVR, text & voice channels, APIs, apps and devices



Measure customer experience with deep insights – sentiment score, adoption rate, and more – to prove ROI


Managed WA

Manage & optimize virtual agents to improve user adoption rate and customer experience, at scale

Accelerate IBM WA Solutions with Dataflix ConverX

ConverX Messenger

Rich conversational interface for bots or agents built for IBM WA

ConverX Insights

Deep actionable insights into human-to-bot interactions, for bots built on IBM WA

Explore the power of IBM Watson Assistant

Why AI for customer service?

Organizations are seeing the benefits of automating customer service, connecting conversational AI to their existing systems, getting more insight from data and improving productivity.

Watson Assistant saves USD 23.9 million

Forrester interviewed four IBM clients who CRM streamlined business processes with conversational AI. See how these organizations improved customer satisfaction, empowered customer service agents and achieved a 337% ROI using virtual agents across their organization.

Experts agree: now is the time to adopt conversational AI

Keeping your customer experience up to date in a way that defines and differentiates your brand while building and maintaining customer loyalty is crucial to your success.

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