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Accelerate Your Data Journey

Learn from your data – discovery, enrich, curate, analyze and optimize

Data Engineering


Manage & Optimize

Data Lakes

Centralized data storage and management solutions

Enterprise Data Warehousing

EDW data layer designed and built for Business Intelligence & Analytics

Analytics with MicroStrategy

Dossiers, dashboards, plugins, embed, self-serve, and advanced analytics

Managed MicroStrategy

Fully managed MicroStrategy environments focused on optimization & efficiency

An Integrated Approach

We blend design, engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build data-driven culture





Platform Requirements

Data architecture

Data engineering & ELT

End-user training

Use case prioritization

Access management policies

MicroStrategy dossiers & embed

Go live approach

MSTR ONE training strategy

Data modeling & BI design

Integrations - Apps & APIs

Governance & usage

Rollout & communication plan

Developer workflow

Developer training

Performance & optimizaton

Migrate to MicroStrategy ONE

Customized approaches to migrate from any platform to “The AI/BI Platform”, MicroStrategy ONE.

Rationalize & Optimize

Analyze, re-define, and optimize BI apps for higher efficiency and ROI.


Consolidate BI apps with reusable MicroStrategy architecture and capabilities.


New & Improved

Modernize user experience for always evolving business needs.

Strategic Data Partner Network

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Oldest MicroStrategy Community

Explore ideas, solutions and many more at MicroStrategy Community Forum, maintained by Dataflix.

Safety & Behavior Analytics on MicroStrategy

SAB Analytics provides insights into vehicle crashes, driver behavior and Auto OEM competitor analysis; derived from historical accidents data sourced from authentic and trusted sources like The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), NCSA, and BEA.

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