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Dataflix Messenger

Dataflix Messenger integrates Google Dialogflow chatbots into websites, delivering rich conversational experiences across all web and mobile apps. Messenger is built on Google Cloud (GCP) and tightly integrates with Dialogflow.

Conversation Analytics

Actionable insights into human-to-bot interactions. Analyze chatbot conversations – and re-train the bots to increase bot adoption rate driving the real value & ROI from chat & voice bots. Built on conversation logs with advanced ML & NLP techniques.

Data 360

Collection of curated data sets designed for analytics and data science initiatives. Vehicle safety, behavior and sales data from trusted data sources including The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Conversation 360

Library of AI-powered chatbots, tools and frameworks designed to build enterprise productivity bots at scale, with natural and rich conversational experiences. Explore wide range of chat and voice bots.

Analytics 360

AI/ML-powered analytics solution that provides deep insights into various aspects of automotive manufacturing and retail, such as vehicle safety, behavior, sales, competitors, and social data.

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